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ASC offers a wide selection hydraulics. Hydraulics are machines designed to operate through fluid power. They transfer force using a liquid, most commonly oil, and cover a wide range of applications from jobsite excavators to commercial aircraft. Used across a spectrum of industries, hydraulics are often preferred because the incompressible oil allows large amounts of force to be transferred with relative ease.
Hydraulic machines and systems work in conjunction with valves, pumps, tubes, and fittings. Control valves, such as solenoid valves and check valves, control the flow and direction of liquid in hydraulic systems. Hydraulic cylinders and pumps, like vane pumps and piston pumps, provide and transfer the fluids in hydraulic machines. Hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic clamps, and tubes and fittings are also key accessories and components for hydraulic machinery.

Hydraulic Valves, Manifolds, Flow Dividers & Accessories
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